Food Security Concerns In Local Communties In London United Kingdom



“Addressing The Food Security Concerns of  The African Caribbean Community”

We say  a community”without the distribution rights of its own food” is in a situation of oppression,   unable to cater for the needs of its own people, therefore subject to buying food not fit for human habitation, causing ,health inequalities, economic exclusion & deprivation, inability to support their families =joblessness, subject to exploitation and  substandard quality of life. The document below Food security & Us explains the principles of Food security


Food Security & Us


When Food security complaints are not addressed, using the relevant food protection legislation in the UK, an investigation needs to be operated ,to highlight  these  constructs  in place, that enable these atrocities to  happen. See document below: practiceguidanceeng   2012 (UK Food safety Policy)


 Alarming  that no  evidence  was found of monitoring and publishing of Trading offences/breaches, not available in the  public  domain, and the  same pattern emerges, the consistent offenders “Traders” ( the usual suspects) who are  putting public health at risk, consumers who are  mainly the Afrikan community……. why  are Traders permitted to continue…. what is going on ?!!   Who has the duty of care to ensure equity of  the selling of  food fit that is fit for the purpose of consumption, and conforms to required  Hygiene  food handling Safety certificates, where are the policies  for traders ? Who is responsible for monitoring these services and why….. is “One community given a mandate to control the food consumption of another???”…. Social engineering in action we really need to wake up and stop giving our children contaminated food.…………….we really need to create for self  Wake UP & Unite!

Subject: RE: Peckham & Nunhead Community Council 24 Sept 2012 attended and questions put forward:

From the local authority    Thank you for your email.
The next Peckham and Nunhead Community Council will take place on Monday 24 September 2012 at 7.00pm.  The venue is likely to be    Harris Academy Peckham,  112 Peckham High Street , London SE15 5DZ.
If you need any further information, please let me know.
Kind regards,
Southwark council
Chief Executive’s Department
160 Tooley Street, PO Box 64529
2nd Floor, Hub 4
Southwark Council
London SE1P 5LX 
Tel: 020 7525 7234
Food security question asked at Peckham & Nunhead Community Council meeting Monday 24th September
Please see attached public question which is handwritten and the other has been typed.This information will be referred to Jonathan Toy for a response, in the next few days, the next CC will be  in November , in which the response has to be given.
The Questions Submitted are below for your perusal.
We have the Food Security Question  an agenda item for the next Walworth, Borough & Bankside Community Council 24 Nov 2012


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    Nov 19, 2012 @ 02:14:09

    Not what I was expecting but superb anyway! Good for you!


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