Allotment Gardening & All Things Green

Allotment Gardening

 ” If you happen to have an allotment you will already know about some of the benefits of growing your own food. For example you know what’s in it and its really useful to introduce your children to the joys of growing food from seed, and identifying the friends and foes of the garden.”

To date we have acclimatised Callaloo, grown Artichokes, herbs such as, Bugle, peppermint and different varieties of mint, Moringa, Spinach, Turnips and now in September  Cabbages. Moringa in particular is very difficult to grow here, in the UK it loves heat as the climate it grows in is hot, also Moringa Plants see    moringa_book    known as the wonder herb has many qualities to assist nutrition and health (see booklet above) and power point point.

We have decided to share our allotment to the community and have signposted events and growing calenders for everyone who is interested.

In these changing times Food security has become essential for health well being and stability, If you have an Allotment that’s big enough why not  you consider sharing.

If you have any interesting Allotment stories do post and share and get your green on.

Green Age Living Links below

Ecovillage Directory – List of Ecovillages

Up-cycling Ideas…no excuses you don’t need a lot of money to get stated, you can use 2 litre water/drinks bottles to make a hydroponic self water-er look at this..

Tried this with Moringa mine was first to grow in abundance..unfortunately started dying at the same speed, as was mentioned previously it needs heat to thrive.

You could try this method with most seeds you will need to prepare the seeds first , depending on the type of seed ,hard shells soft, you could put them in the fridge or place on a wet kitchen towel , place in a plastic bag and store on top of the fridge in a saucer.Check every day and mist so the seeds remain moist.

Very soon your babies will be sprouting and you may plant them on in pots.

If you have any money saving gems that work please post them.

Next up the Moringa seedlings  (2012) when they were on a growth spurt, they are very spindly and need staking..whatever you do try not to transplant them ….they just detest being disturbed, this means they have to be planted in a large enough pot to live in permanently.

First left Jade/Money plant next up the Stars of the show Moringa then the Aloes grown from baby 2 tears old In the background 1 of 2  Composters which enable all organic waste to provide compost for the garden,and a Cyprus Peace Lilly, which takes over all available space..but very pretty.


Looking for good ideas to reuse and recycle looking after the planet is an interesting must for the whole family: Recycling has become Up-cycling everyone is doing it from tyres to wooden pallets you can make anything with a picture some nails and your creativity.

Wooden industrial pallets are a good course for re-use, they used to be very common now you have to search for them, ask the builders very nicely (and a few quid) to drop them home for you; The ideas below are phenomenal take a look and post your own ideas:


Maybe  these are too good for the garden


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