Inequalties In Action Case Studies

1. Imperial Gardens

The case of Imperial gardens a black small business in Southwark which provided a creative space for young people following a career in music spoken word and entertainment: The venue was closed down when the authority decided to use the land for social housing, there was no consultation or engagement of the business directors,  who were African which resulted In accusations of racist undermining and unequal treatment it was mentioned that the “Ministry of Sound” a similar venue in Southwark had a different relationship with the local authority. lord Herman Ouseley was commissioned  to carry out an independent report on the processes used  and further  investigate the allegations. The case is still open.

The independent report is below

Item 19 – IndependentReview of the Council’s Equality and Diversity Framework by LordHerman Ouseley

Southwark  Council  In  Breach of  THE EQUALITIES ACT 2010



Read the judgement here Southwark Council admits breaching Race Relations & Equalities Act 2010!’Read the judgement here · Register | [Login]. 4 6 5 10 9 8


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