Moving On

Greetings World .

Its with a sad heart that eye write this post.Just heard a dear Brother has passed away. Although Brother was/is  in the spiritual sense his passing will make me more insightful of mindfulness. The poem below will explain .

In life you meet lots of energies some negative

the best part positive

B-Ibrahim  in particular was a giver, now he has passed,

He had Given so much

He was so positive about us and what we can do for each other in this life

His work ethic amazing his thoughtfulness astounding,

takes my breath away

To this day …..Eye never knew that Eye was in the presence of an activist angel

Or as we say on Yoruba an “Orisha”  as this beautiful brother never fell.

So on your way..  ascending to the realm of the An-cestars

They will be pleased with your work …and as much as we are missing your essence and presence

The creator needs you more …..Ashay 









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