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In 2010  IletoCPN were part of a joint project supported by Grundtvig programme Life .Long .Learning programme:Duration of the partnership project was from November  2010 ending In July-2012. The partnerships  were from the European Communities of Austria, Germany,Poland, Turkey and  United  Kingdom. Three of the  EU partnerships were specificity Women’s Groups, accept for Turkey and the UK  who’s  groups are open to the wider community details about the organisation can be found on this page.

Partnerships met each other at various  conferences In the EU which are advertised throughout the year on their national agency websites: the topics /themes relevant for their organisations and interests. Countries with  membership of the EU are eligible to apply, although the process may include organisations outside of the EU. National Members State Agency, the UK Agency website is as follows


LLP_Logo.tif NEW

We are now Ecorys……
Find out more about our name and address change on our websites

You can register to receive news and updates from the Leonardo,Grundtvig and Transversal programmes here. 

The theme of our Partnership  Project was :

“Empowerment Of Women Innovative Approaches To Adult Education Related To The Needs Of  Dis-empowered Women”: More details can be found on  also the link below

The project consisted of meetings, exchanges also  (Mobilities) In each of the partnership member E.U community.This also included  the sharing of methodologies of empowerment and training  for empowerment of Women. Although it is recognised that Women who are dis- empowered can belong to any social construct, of race, class, and status,  we all agreed  the  topic translated differently for the diverse group of participants: 

This was also the European Year  2010 For Combating Poverty & Social Exclusion : See the link below:

European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion

After our successful joint  bid, one of the first activities that happened was Face 2 Face meeting of all the partnerships: First  kick off meeting in Germany  November 2010 See link below:

Report kick-off meeting November 2010

Report Attachment 1

Report Attachment 2

Akosua B kick off Germany 2010

The next  mobility was Poland  March  2011, which was also the European Year of Volunteering See Link below:

European Year of Volunteering 2011..


The Women’s Rights Centre was established in1994 in Warsaw to advocate for equal status and opportunities for women and men in public life and private sphere and to develop support for women seeking legal and psychological help.

The Center’s philosophy and activities reflect the beliefs that women’s rights are integral and indivisible part of fundamental human rights. Equality between men and women is a necessary precondition for building democracy and to realize their potential and to attain their goals in the public sphere, in employment, and in their personal life. We act against discrimination and all kinds of violence against women. Physical, sexual or psychological abuse violates human rights and fundamental freedoms, and is an obstacle to achieving gender equality. The main goals of the Center is to raise women’s awareness of their rights by providing legal assistance to women and educate and sensitize society about gender, discrimination and violence against women. We run activities aim to educate all society about gender issues by organizing conferences, workshops and collaboration with all social partners.

In our everyday activities we provide legal counseling and psychological support to women who are victims of discrimination and violence, unemployed.

From 1999 when the branch of WRC in Łódź was established we have provided support for more than 20 thousand of women.

We cooperate with women’s organizations around the world and coordinating regional activities against exclusion, gender based prejudice and violence.                           

Visitation Poland March 2011

Impressions March 2011

Poland meeting

Next Visitation  Up Austria 2011


Frauen aus allen Ländern – Kultur-, Bildungs- und Beratungsinitiative

“Frauen aus allen Ländern” (“Women from all Countries”) was founded in 2002 and is a cultural, educational and counseling association for girls and women from varied origins. Especially migrant and refugee women/girls use our offers. Our fields of work include educational work, counseling as well as culture and sport. We additionally offer a platform for “self-organization”. We also do public work and co-operate with local, national and international associations. We organize German classes, literacy classes and free tutoring. All classes are offered with free, professional childcare. Counseling includes information and help in education, work, housing, family, violence against women, psychological problems, legal information etc. In addition women and girls can take part in various other activities like swimming and cycling courses, workshops about e.g. healthy nutrition, feminist self-defense courses, excursions to cultural events etc. We want to improve the possibilities of migrant women and girls concerning their private and work life. We want them to become more self-confident, powerful and independent. We encourage women to formulate their own opinions and wishes and to go their own way. “Frauen aus allen Ländern” is part of a wide network of national and international organizations.

Visitiation Austria June 2011

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

ileto CPN  Austria Report  2011 below:

1 Attached file| 37KB  Joi Austria Report-final.doc

2. iletoCPN Learner View of Poland Yaa Grundvig Polish Report for Ileto

United Kingdom

The UK mobility October 2011   London United Kingdom

iletoCPN New Logo

Ileto Caribbean People’s Network Partnership  GRP/10/020P

About Us

Ileto Caribbean People’s Network (ileto CPN) based in the UK  from 2000,we  are collective of diverse volunteers who are of African Heritage &  Africans from the motherland.  IletoCPN offers  free membership to engage our community into various opportunities for life long learning such as : Advocacy & Support ,Campaigning Event organising, Horticulture Training and Allotment gardening, Recycling-Up cycling Projects, Self  help strategies, Referrals To Specialist Agencies- Housing support/education inequality, Immigration Advice,Racism Awareness Equality Training- Counteracting the Effects Of Racism, Research tools ,Strategic management, also Networking  among other services. We also offer  support to enable communities  to make representation at Community Forums/Cabinets where applicable. Our membership spans from local to UK and  Global International Communities, who receive opportunities through the world wide web.

The Sankofa Bird”  on the left is a symbol of Pan- African ism  and signifies “Go Back and get it” as a reference to misinformation about  world…His-story.. and  further- non  acknowledged of  Africa’s  significant contributions to Global World Development! we use the past to inform the future ” can a  tree without roots  grow and thrive?” We  can no longer negate  that civilisation originated from the Motherland ..and “SHE” was a sister too…check the link below Original Eve:

Original Eve

We are a new group joining an existing Grundtvig partnerships, iletoCPN became really engaged in May 2011,  learning to work through the  programme with E.U partners groups: We  are using this blog  a  dedicated web site. Do you like the branding  for the group? ….. your comments are welcome and we  look forward to linking with you all  soon……….

Keep in touch and join us mapping  our journey the UK mobility information is below….enjoy!

Visitation United Kingdom October 2011

Impressions October 2011


This the last mobility  for the project  was in  Antalya Turkey in April 2012 , which was  also the European  year of active aging and solidarity between generations ,which was evident between working arrangements of the Traditional Agricultural  workforce of Women In Turkey .                                                                                                                                     EUROPA – European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between ..


Efem Mediterranean Youth & Sports Club Association  Antalya/Turkey

Efem Mediterranean Youth and Sport Club Association which is a non-governmental organization was founded in 2006 in Antalya/Turkey. We set out with the intention of teaching teenagers how to spend their free time with cultural, social and educational activities. In addition to present Turkish folklore and Turkish traditional folk music to the young members, our association aims at adopting national and  cultural values, civil rights and citizenship duties. It lets the members become conscious about environmental problems and protection of nature. Our organization encourages and helps its members to be more social and confident individuals. We offer training courses to improve our members creative and productive skills. Our activities and workshops aim at integrating disabled and disadvantaged people into society. We network  with national and international organisations. We have various facilities such as table tennis, scouting, swimming, dance, chess,playing musical instruments and hand-crafts. As we are a non-governmental organization, we highly rely on volunteer work and support. We are motivated by basic premises of humanity like respect, democracy, tolerance, empathy and equality. With this aim, the organization actively implemented EU Youth in Action Action 1.2 projects  for mentally disabled children, Action 4.3 projects for women, Action 3.1 Project for inter cultural integration.

grundtvig activity timetable

turkey v

For the  last mobility individual report form iletocpn please click the link  below

Iletocpn Turkey Mobility 25-30 April 2012

The E.S.F & L.L.L.P takes no responsibility for any activities of projects involved in the ESF Grundvig Programs as we have finalised our project and shared some aspects of our cultures and experiences, we hope you found them interesting and productive. You never know we may join a partnership with you …how to get involved is  at the top of this page wishing you all:  Adabo- Hotep

The life long learning programme has supported this programme  takes no responsibility for partnership activities, views and content:


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