Your Health Is Your Wealth

Symptoms of Stress the Factors….

Well here we are, the health and well being page: You only have one body you should ensure you look after it. Stress factors a numbers of health warnings, these signs are telling you there is something wrong> Stress Factors  

IDENTIFY these warnings signs to your body and triggers for stress. Try these exercises in a group to try and identify the reasons for anxiety, and create a framework to manage them, find your Chakra points which balance your centre and help energise you:Try a 30 days of changing lifestyle living , you can test this around your commitments.

Relaxation Love Visualisation

Relaxing when you are  a parent is easier said than done, especially if you have no support, turning off that auto pilot as: Breadwinner, Carer, protector, mediator and more, and juggling these different hats is a job for Superwoman, factoring the external pressures on parenting as well as the internal issues, may feel like a thankless task. However, its better for your health and well-being to take 20 mins or so to reflect and unwind, whether in the Bath, sitting down or wherever you can take the time to….       relax your mind with  no disturbances….

Relaxing Love Visualisation

This  exersize is a Love  Visualisation  where you may take some time to do. Finding the time to relax quietly and meditate is very good for your mind , body and spirit. Follow the instructions in a group or on your own to  unwind this  Love visualisation  will help you do this. It is better operated on an empty stomach maybe  an hour before lunch near midday .

After you have relaxed you can take out your learning journal ( found in the links)  write down your thoughts views and reflections for the day or week , remember that this is your personal property and is used to write down whatever YOU are feeling, your views on the sessions, your evaluation of the courses in house and externally.


Our Afrikan community has been left with a legacy of over-representation in the mental health health system here in the UK,and undoubtedly everywhere where Afrikans reside. One of our members a survivor of this system has produced a brilliant proposal for a conference looking into the treatment of Afrikan Women who are affected.This is an ongoing body of work.

The Voices Within proposal is for an Art therapy rolling conference that involves uses story telling, by examining the journey of users,it proposes a radical sea-change  to enable users/survivors to define their needs themselves as opposed to being dictated to with the one size fits all, inappropriate unacceptable service  that is standard today.

Voices Within Paper By Princess Moreneke

Voices W Final Paper 5

Another important paper by our Brother Oba Mwanza relating to behaviour and Cognitive Psychology

Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology Balogún Ọba Mwánza


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. aminata conteh
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 21:13:03

    this is very nice friendly and colourful to us back from were we come from


  2. aminata conteh
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 21:13:58

    this is very nice friendly and colourful take us back from were we come from


  3. Dr weddell Sharpy
    Apr 06, 2015 @ 19:49:43

    I think this is a creative use of creativity to get your message across.Permission to share with my colleagues Thank you From Brother Dr Wendell


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