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More Achievements for young daughters
Raising Achievement Generating Genius Students leadership In the UK
Traditional school not for your family …Successful Home schooling USA check out http://www.kamaliacademy.wordpress.com
Kamali Academy Home school
Learning Mental Math                                  http://www.kamaliacademy.wordpress.com
The Barriers To our children’s Achievements are global  overarching themes…so here are some solutions




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Free taster modules

The OpenLearn website gives free access to Open University course materials. This is the LearningSpace, where you’ll find hundreds of free study units, each with a discussion forum. Study independently at your own pace or join a group and use the free learning tools to work with others.

Visit OpenLearn at http://openlearn.open.ac.uk/

Also visit our course taster portal

Finding your best option

So, which is the best option for you?

The best option is one that:
• Is pitched at the right level and pace of learning
• Fits in with the number of hours you can study each week
• Matches your study goals

What is the LearningSpace?

Try over 600 free online courses from The Open University.

Available from introductory to postgraduate level, each takes between 1 and 50 hours to study.

Complete activities to assess your progress and compare your thoughts with sample answers.

Sign up for free to get started!

Please note: We are in the process of improving the LearningSpace experience for everyone and in Autumn 2012 you can expect to see a brand new design.

As part of the change, we have looked at what works and what could work better and have decided to remove or replace some of the tools and features you may be familiar with.

Do you have a Learning Journal? If so, we will no longer be supporting this tool but, don’t worry, we have created a process to allow you to import into one of the world’s biggest open source blogging platforms, WordPress. You can find out more about this by accessing your Learning Journal and clicking on the ‘Migrate your Learning Journal’ link.

Are you part of a Learning Club? This will no longer be a feature of LearningSpace, so now is a good opportunity to dip in and back-up any content you don’t want to lose.

Forums will be replaced by the OpenLearn ‘Comments’ feature. If you have any forum posts that you’d like to keep, please log-in and back them up.

LearningSpace recommends


Beginners’ Chinese: Introducing yourself

This unit concentrates on Mandarin Chinese as a tool for communication, but also provides some insights into Chinese society and culture. This is introductory material, and was chosen to be easily accessible for those with no previous knowledge of Chinese.

The African diaspora: An archaeological perspective

The African diaspora is a contentious episode from the past (and indeed present). This unit explores why this area of research has been traditionally under-represented and highlights how archaeology can contribute to this fast-growing field of study.

You and your money

An important aspect of personal finance is the way individuals and households manage their debt, how much it costs and the different types of credit they can or cannot access. This unit explores these issues, with respect to the wider, changing, social and economic context.

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