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Research Into The Causes & Effects of The Use of illegal Skin Bleaching Products


The use of Illegal skin bleaching products/ substances to eradicate the melanin from the skin is a practice effecting the African, Caribbean  and also  Asian communities, This is by no means a new phenomena, its roots are steeped in historical references. As early as 1400-1500, when African communities were kidnapped from their continents of origin, enslaved by Europeans nations: This served to provide forced free labour, and removal of raw materials mass production of goods which were shipped to America & Europe . This global phenomena was extremely beneficial to sustain and escalate industrial development in  various kingdoms of Europe, the colonies and individuals. :-  Specifically The fuelling of the industrial revolution and underdevelopment of the peoples of the colonies in Africa, and the Caribbean creating (neo colonialism) and other isms which are thriving today ..  The captive  populations were forced to accept the Foreign Empires as their sovereigns, these mechanisms operated, instrumented racist colour codes, using tribal differences also tribal distinctions of divide and rule: Our enslaved Ancestars were controlled by systematic torture & consistent punishments.  There were no human rights, no dignity,  African nations treated worse than animals, stated in the laws as inferior, as :- subjugated  to horrific torture ,including  psychological methods to instrument self hate, and loyalty to the “Master”:

The following links below provides evidence of  some of the methods: @ The Jim Crow Museum

1.”Blackening Up” served to ridicule and humiliate Africans by  using derogatory images to promote Racist Offensive Caricatures of Africans later o the media would be the main driver of  negative images of Africans:  See below

2.Media Advertising & Campaigns

The video links below highlights the situation currently in Jamaica, where generations of  families, are practising skin bleaching, although Jamaica is not an isolated case, we are facing a pandemic of  the use of banned dangerous skin substances, used to eradicate the melanin from our skin, causing serious health problems, which in some cases can be fatal.  Perceived Results are not sustainable, causing  many serious health conditions, Cancer of the Skin, Liver Failure,  to name 2 of the many.   My report also sought out ideals of race and beauty to further establish If bias media displayed in  advertising, contribute to further the impacts of racism,  historically and currently, does the  influence still contribute to subjective attitudes and behaviour.

3.The advertisement below you may surmise is a sign of the times “1950 poster advertisement”with overt subjective connotations, of inferiority indicating dark skin is not desirable, advertising products containing double strength bleaching cream. “Nadinola”  cancer causing Hydroquinone

You may be horrified to find these illegal substances can still  be purchased over the shelf  from shops and more so on the internet, especially in the localities where Africans live.  Subject  to much debate, it was interesting to ascertain that  use is not confined by class or poverty, on the contrary it delves much closer than skin deep: Considering that  such dangerous chemicals are added  claiming to be beauty products, is alarming . One would expect Governments  would be concerned as health and safety should have a duty of care to the public health awareness.  However ,At the time that my research was published,  it was only the Jamaican Government, who  launched a  poster campaign back in 2007 called “Don’t Kill The Skin”  attempting to action change In  skin bleaching behaviour,unfortunately was unable to curb the use,  In fact The abuse has escalated.

4. The video link  below, demonstrates the situation in  Jamaica, where use has become a Intergenerational pandemic.

5. Reported case study  of damage to skin “Carlene’s   Story”


There is very little information about the benefits of melanin  in the public domain, but, were you aware there are annual scientific conferences in Europe whom experiment on its qualities . The Pan -African world also hosts annual conferences in America embracing the benefits :  Books have also been written on the topic   By African Scholars . The  book below In particular  on the rejuvenating properties  of melanin has become the bible  for enthusiasts 

Melanin: The Chemical Key to Black Greatness – Carol Barnes    and has caused some controversy, the link below provides additional information:


Benefits of Melanin in the Skin |

Should Illegal Skin Bleaching Product Traffickers acquire custodial sentences? Watch Exposed below!!”


Illegal Toxic Skin-Bleaching Trading Exposed Shops Selling Over Counter In Sky Investigation | UK Ne
9. The Research Methodology used gathered views of African/Caribbean communities who use  banned skin bleaching products and participants who don’t,  the mis-conception that  products are beauty aids  was apparent. This supports  the illusion  that subjective  standards of  white beauty can be achieved. They are driven  to seek “white privilege” Eurocentric ideals of beauty  which enables easier navigation and survival in a racist system, which demonstrates no value for African lives. The impacts of white supremacist thoughts actions,  through media influences and educational institutions, were historically  instrumented. From C:1500 during and after enslavement of African  people at home and In the west, was  later sustained through 1870s and imported to the USA  to Enslaved nations & sustained later by Jim Crow Codes.The mechanisms used today are  more subliminal and sophisticated, through media advertising.
10.The link below clearly demonstrates how  advertisements such as  Bi-White :  Skin Colour Pigmentation ID Source    depicted by the peeling of the darker “inferior imperfect” skin to reveal the blemish free “white superior skin” among such campaigns dictating  the African beauty standards  as always being  inferior. This message has intensified resulting in an increases of demand for the African  communities who are buying into the paradox of white aesthetics of  beauty.
11.The quote from Mwalima K. Baruti “Menticide” re-affirms the mindset.
“To kill a people at the spiritual level, you must keep them from being whole. You must remove the possibility of them being family as their ancestors created and celebrated it. Where you cannot make the men and women hate and blame each other for the tragedy forced on them by others, you must remove the possibility of them touching each other in love. You must physically separate their children from them, with the end goal of driving them psychologically and spiritually away from them. You must build insurmountable psychological and physical walls between them. Then their children are yours to do with as you please. For then, and only then, will they finally come to confuse their enemies lies and aggression with love”
Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti
Who and what defines Beauty?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Abstract The Causes & Effects of Skin Bleaching Products on the Black Community a Review Author Kenyasue Smart
13. The Final Research Report Below
With Reference to  Scientific Racism & The origins of The Pioneer Fund
14. External Research P Kenny
Towards A Racial Abyss

15.When Colour is more than skin deep for young African-American women attempting to define themselves     

 Repeat  experiment of the Doll colour preference test on children:

michael jackson x2
The Parents response to “A girl like me” test on doll colour preference below,  the proposed  question …Are children colour blind?  what If we   test on our children today… what are the likelihood that the results will mirror the 3 major findings in previous tests.
 1. Noted Bias against darker skin as unattractive 2. Subjective views that darker (melanin) denotes lower intelligence 3. The preference of lighter skin is more desirable, adults prefer white as opposed to black skin in children, and observations of  their preferences are relating to what is positive and  how colour defines negativity the black symbolising negativity and evil..

 What are your views so far

17.Dangers of using banned skin bleaching products:

These  Illegal products contain  toxic chemicals  such as Mercury, Hydroquinone, Tretinoin and other melanin  suppressors, after prolonged use, can  irreversibly damage the skin,  and ultimately cause  liver failure is  linked to  the development of Cancer, irreparable collagen damage,depression and psychological problems , water retention ect:-  Prescription only medicines can be obtained without prescriptions over the counter or on line .  Users may add other home made concoctions: Hair straightening chemicals ” Creamy Crack” Household bleach, prescription medication,  all mixed up, in an effort to achieve the removal of dark pigmentation on the surface skin the melanin.  The fact that Dangerous chemicals are Masquerading  as beauty products  is a serious  cause for concern. More concerning  the  lack of information that  highlights the dangers, is absent from health promotions,  are the health services aware  about how this abuse manifests itself on practisers, and what the  symptoms are..

Although selling such dangerous poisons are banned  from sale, these chemicals are  easily available to buy in the localities of  most Black communities, local markets and more so on line.. we have been alerted to this fact :  Skin Bleaching Trafficking is  a local and global issue, its a very lucrative business,  and although Africans are not the main traffickers,  we are becoming the majority of consumers. “The research has also revealed, some practisers are using these poisons on their children”!

18. A campaign has been  be initiated (link below) to raise awareness & highlight the dangers, In order to find solutions we need to operate Collective Community Responsibility: C.C.R and asking the following pertinent questions:

How can we stop the damaging  cycle of skin bleaching abuse .. noted this may be a generational issue , so what are our views of the practice being used on children? What would/could you do about it. Could  Education could be the key?

Do you have similar health concerns In your community and If so what Is being developed to advise and educate communities and alert the public about the dangers? If  there are health campaigns in your locality,  how successful are they? Do health care specialists such as hospitals and clinic  have awareness of the symptoms that present and manifest usage, are there  examples of good practice?

Who has the duty of care to protect the public from dangerous chemicals which are banned from sale and who has the  power to influence change In policy to ensure that consistent trafficking of illegal chemicals receives custodial remedies for consistent offenders? This includes health promotion campaigns, to advise, educate, inform and support, there Is a need for dermatology services Health Watch also other  health initiatives  with  responsibility for public health concerns  supporting community let initiatives to advocate, and find solutions to this serious issue.

19.What are our expectations for actions and engagement in multi agency partnerships to address the concerns reported in the research results as equal partners? Education is a key element.

The Video  below  shows the transformation of Black skinned women who are promoted as “idols” drastically changing what they are naturally. Some using dangerous pills , treatments,skin peels and  other chemicals to present a Washed out version of their former selves , which appeases the media  depiction of beauty ….take a look at the video and do post your views. Is it Mentracide?


What are you thoughts on the video?

How about  this Guardian Article ?    


22. What we can collectively do:

Anyone who is  interested in joining the campaign  for ongoing work research and investigation  Join Campaign in the subject box, after you sign up and like the page you will receive your free P.D.F  now ready to download straight off the press just sign up and download article 12, 13 and 14. P.D.F of the research results and recommendations. Consider sharing the petition below.

Email  details below:

Contact:, with Campaign  In title  email subject box. Or link me on Face Book Sistar Kenyasue Iletocpn. On twitter @Sista kenyasue   Do share and thank you for taking the time to read this:

Please consider signing and sharing the Petition on  below  give many thanks


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  1. hannahrounding
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 12:55:05

    Hi KenyaSue

    This is brilliant – a really engaging visual tool. Great work!
    Sarah is out of the office today so I will not know about internet until we are all there in the morning.
    I hope it does so everyone can see this 🙂



  2. unifiedsisters
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 01:07:52

    Thanks Hanna glad u like it , I will post the report on a P.D.F here as well thanks for all your support
    Best Wishes



  3. Rosemary Edwards
    Jan 31, 2014 @ 13:37:47

    Greetings Sistar Kenyasue, thank you for this extremely informative and educational piece on the skin bleaching epidemic. Although I was heartened to read of the confiscation of products from stores & shops selling these illegal products, I am very disappointed that there has been little in the way of the government addressing the exportation by British companies, to countries where they clearly have little or no overstanding of the dangers these creams pose….at the risk of sounding cynical (?!!), perhaps it is because of the vested interest members of the government may have in any of these companies? Just a thought……


  4. laptop malang
    Aug 04, 2014 @ 12:05:34

    I love what you guys are usually up too. This type of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve added you guys to my own blogroll.


  5. unifiedsisters!/settings/public-profile/
    Apr 12, 2016 @ 15:25:05

    Are you Interested in participating in a work shop on the causes and effects of skin bleaching, in South London? .Please email me on
    please dont forget to sign the petition .
    Look forward to hearing from you .Love and Peace

    Sistar kenyasue


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