Word Sounds……

Lets explore some of  best examples of spoken word or “word sounds” known as poetry to others> coming from a long tradition of  our Word of Mouth.

I have no ownership on these performances and exert my rights under intellectual property to share & enable the viewing for free public access.

First up is this beautiful piece by Brother Duwayne  Morgan Canada’s champion orator …… what do you think  about this…

“The Sum Of her Parts”

Def Jam Poetry Is  the  Art form and given communities opportunities to have a voice, raise their issues, using creatively to raise items for political scrutiny. The Truth can be exposed using this Art form. The selection exhibits pure talent using vocal expression, its all about, your voice, your interpretation ,style your pace close up and personal take a  look  below                                                          Def Poetry – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

At the time this site was published (2011)  offered the best description on the World Wide Web enjoy.

Sisters Queens views on  the qualities of her  Kingman

Another favourite “Bonnie ” I need A man ” Its not what U think it is…….

Alice Walker on Our Her-story

“What Can The white man say to the Black Woman Text”

What Can the White Man Say to the Black Woman Alice Walker

Somebody Blew Up America  By Elder Baba Amiri Baraka- Ance-star 2013

P4CM Ready Or Not Featuring Rhetoric

Songs For Revolutions Wake Up Wake Up !



A Sister exploited her Name Is Saarjit Baartman depicted as

The Hottentot Venus

Naturalistas Word Love Sound

Sonya Renee The Body Is Not An Apology Movement

Our Youngers Views on Education Sully Breaks

Why I Hate School But Love Education

Sully Breezy

Word Smith Vibration  Queen Sunny Patterson

And More “Faith Aint got no eyes”

Sunny Patterson “We Made It !”


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